Home Inventory Manager HD

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Use it to record all your valuables.

Sometimes the unexpected happens on a perfectly normal day and it can turn our world upside down.

If your home was robbed or a damaging storm ruined your home, could you describe in detail every item you owned room by room?

"You don't realize how much stuff you have until you start to document it. Nor do you realize it's value."

Are you prepared to provide your insurance adjuster detailed information about each item? Important details like:

  • the purchase date
  • the cost of each item
  • the make and model of each item
  • the serial number of each item

The answer for virtually every homeowner is no. Home Inventory Manager HD allows you to catalogue all of these important details in single easily accessible location. Using the camera on the iPad 2 a homeowner can create a catalogue of high definition photos. They can also capture copies of receipts or other important documents. This information can be synchronized via iTunes from your computer.

"To know the value of your properties and have all information available helps to make sure that you have enough insurance.

The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and enter the required information. Users can also easily include:

  • custom categories
  • purchase information such as serial and model numbers
  • warranty information and more

The Home Inventory Manager can document almost everything, whether it is a personal collection or an inventory of your home office equipment. This includes big and little small items like your favorite china to your handheld label maker.

The reporting feature on Home Inventory Manager provides a detailed PDF report. This type of proper documentation ensures a faster and smoother claims process when dealing with losses.

Everyone certainly hopes disruptive events such as robbery or storm damage never happens to their home. But if it does, the Home Inventory Manager can ensure you have critical details on your road to restoring your home. It can relieve a tremendous burden when dealing with such a stressful event.

Price: $4.99

Also available for iPhone