Development plan 2012

I decided to change the look and feel of the site. I think this new theme would make it easier to find information and to navigate.

The development has unfortunately been stalling now during a few months. This is due to my day job and family that have taken a lot of my time.

However, I still plan to continue the development of Home Inventory Manager. The next release will contain a couple of new fields together with some bug fixes. Then I will look into a way of backup/sync the information between different devices and making it an universal application.

I also plan to continue the development of My Kid Said. I have received feedback from a couple of users and have some own ideas about new features. So if you have some ideas, please contact me through the website.

At the moment I'm developing a new swedish application called "Namnkällan". It's a baby name app the my company currently owns, but the new version would be released under me. This application would be my test working with iCloud.